The Best of Creation Games


screenshot of IMVU game

If you’re somewhat into chat rooms or avatar character creators, then the internet has definitely got a rich selection of pastimes to offer you, but IMVU is an online world with a 3D engine whose main objective is customisation and fraternization. Much like standard chat rooms, the game offers you the chance to join any one of the thousands of chat rooms available, only with the added dimension of a 3D environment where you can chat to groups or one-on-one, as well as purchase a huge variety of different environments, clothes, and features for your customisable avatar. 

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Mii Creator

screenshot of Mii Creator game

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of wiling away many an afternoon on the Nintendo Wii, you will know that this family-oriented and multiplayer-friendly gaming system allows for a fair amount of customisation, namely of your very own avatar that can appear in a variety of games and have its own properties, look, and name. Mii Creator is a simple online tool that lets you create and edit your very own Mii character. This tool brings high levels of customisation to a position that is just a few clicks away from you: just click on the options you want and get customising. 

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Pony Creator

screenshot of Pony Creator game

If you’ve ever had the desire to furnish a pony with a variety of different looks and styles, you need look no further than Pony Creator. Never has a creature on four legs been so colourful or unique as when you’ve finished with the pony in this game. Apply a variety of colours, body types, manes, tails, and many more parts to make your own unique pony creation that is personal to you. 

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Berzerk Ball 2

screenshot of berzerk ball 2 game

If you have ever harboured vengeful or violent thoughts towards geeks of any description, or if you simply like smashing things about without consequence, then Berzerk Ball 2 is on hand to give you a well-animated, incredibly in-depth, and entirely legal way of releasing your geek-centric frustrations. Create your very own brand of geek and smash him into and beyond oblivious with a range of weapons that makes Rambo look like an amateur. 

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Berzerk Ball 3

If you haven’t had the absolute honour of playing Berserk Ball 2, then I feel nothing but pity and sorrow for you and will weep for your sense of enjoyment from this moment forward on an almost nightly basis (the rest will be spent playing the game). Do you know why I would have such an extreme reaction to the revelation that you haven’t played the aforementioned game? It is because this game is perhaps one of the best distance games in existence, and is up there in the top 5 flash games of all time in my opinion. The fact that Berzerk Ball 3 doesn’t yet exist is perhaps one of the biggest tragedies of the modern age (all wars, terrorist acts, and Jack Klugman’s aka Quincy’ death aside), so I’ve taken it upon myself to muse about the future of the game and come up with a few features and improvements that would make certain of the best geek-smashing experience yet. 

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DC Universe Online

screenshot of DC Universe Online game

Is Gotham City your Mecca? Does Metropolis sound like the ideal excursion spot for your and your imaginary friends? Well, DC Universe Online can offer you passage to all sorts of these famous, fictional places in an MMO format. Expect relentless combat, masses of levelling up, and the ability to choose between good and evil in this comprehensive online game that shows others how it’s done. 

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Rollercoaster Creator

screenshot of Rollercoaster Creator game

Whether you’re a fervent enjoyer of all things creative or whether real-life rides simply don’t appeal to you, Rollercoaster Creator can give you what you want. Enjoy the responsibility of coming up with your very own rollercoaster creations to cross each level and collect as many coins as possible whilst getting the carts to the other side. It’s a game of geometric problem solving and should solve your boredom problem in a swift and enjoyable manner. 

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Rollercoaster Creator 3

Putting my crippling fear of the rollercoaster as both a concept and an actual thing that exists aside, Rollercoaster Creator wasn’t all that much of a bad game. After all, it allowed you to play through a decent number of levels solving the problem of having a huge gap between the beginning and end of a rollercoaster track, forcing you to get creative and use a mixture of freehand tools and stock shapes to complete the track in a manner that got the carriages from A to B whilst collecting a minimum number of coins along the way. Then came Rollercoaster Creator 2 with a slightly updated design and gems instead of coins, and that really sums up the differences: herein lies the problem .Rollercoaster Creator 1 and 2 are relatively similar and the jump between them doesn’t represent or contain any real innovation or creativity from the developers, just a fairly lacklustre attempt at rehashing a predecessor into something that is passably new but not quite enough to satisfy the fussy likes of myself; here are just a few things that will need some looking at in Rollercoaster Creator 3.

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